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Luxus Homes truly embody the ethos of “Built to Perfection” with attention to detail in all facets of the building process, ensuring the highest quality finish for your home.

Director of Luxus Homes/Registered Builder Russell Manger has more than 20 years’ experience working as a supervisor in Perth’s western suburbs. His vision, approach and track record make Luxus Homes a highly reputable builder of top-quality homes that are truly built to perfection.

“I stake my reputation on every home I build. My personal integrity is built into the structural integrity of each and every home that passes through my hands.” Russell Manger

Russell’s unwavering integrity as a master builder is pivotal to our delivery of exceptional results to you: homes built with integrity, passion, and innovation, homes built to create a legacy.

Luxus Homes works with the best craftsmen in Perth, relationships embodied through mutual respect, understanding and admiration for fine craftsmanship.

Luxus Homes only commits to building a handful of luxury homes each year, and every home is unique, and every home is built with pride.

Luxus Homes. Built to Perfection.

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